The Cicada : and Medicine

The Chinese used the Cicada sanguinolente "Huechys" for its blistering properties, similar to the effects of the punctures of nettles on the skin.

A legend, old woman of two miles five hundred years, would like that they were eaten (with the state of larvae), to be strengthened.

Jean Henri Fabre, our entomologist, tried himself with this kind of "sport" to check the statements of Aristote; after its reunions, it concludes from it that that was hardly worth better than a piece of parchment with mastiquer!

Perhaps the Greeks made them roast with the barbecue, out of skewers!

The king Louis XVIII had a doctor who said to him: "Lord, take a cicada, keep it close to you, as soon as it sings, you will be cured". Rheumatisms of the King were relieved "by the cicada".

In Provence, in the countryside, in each house, as of the autumn, the Cicadas were threaded on a wire and settings to be dried, to be used in diuretic decoction, to look after the renal calculi, the prostate, the retentions urinary or the hydropisy of the grandmother.

With grace, satisfy you to observe our Cicadas, photograph them, record their songs, but especially do not capture them; they never made the fortune of the pharmaceutical laboratories or the three-star restaurants.

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