The Cicada : melody with the nightmare

I said to you in the preceding page that our cicada had the most powerful voice of insect of the world.. In comparison of its size, that is true.
But what is it when the size of our cicada increases, according to continents'?
We will see and hear that we are sometimes far from the pleasure of letting to us rock by the melody "cigalière"

Let us see how that occurs all over the world

In France
The "Lyrist", very popular, largest, common in midday, his song is rather soft to hear...

The "Cigalon", less running, its song becomes quickly throbbing!

In América
"Magicicada Septendecim" lives in North America (the United States), its song remains just bearable!

In Asia
The "Meimuna" lives in Thailand and the surrounding areas. We would not like to have our hammock in the vicinity!

The "Pomponia impératoria" reaches the size of a bird. As for the song...

The "Tacua speciosa" originating in Malaisie

The "Terengganua sibylla" has its habitat in Malaysia, it sings preferably in the twilight.

In general, these cicadas living in tropical forests, have a song which varies according to the hour of the day. In all manners in fact songs of a great power would return to us the unbearable life in our Midday!



In West Indies

Our friends living in Guadeloupe, announced me that for some time the island had new residents: cicadas which would seem to have entered the island by importation, involuntary, of Guyanne.
They would carry damage to the naps, by their songs very close to the sound of a slicer.
With you to judge!

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